SEYSSO Carbon Basic Black 3 Brushing Modes

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The SEYSSO Carbon Basic sonic toothbrush has been carefully designed in cooperation with European dentists to provide you and your family with a completely new quality of cleaning. As many as 3 programs, a powerful lithium-ion battery and modern technology used in the brush are its main advantages. Take care of your teeth with the sonic brush from the Carbon SEYSSO Basic series.


3 MODES The brush ensures accurate and effective removal of plaque and surface discoloration from the teeth, also from hard to reach places.

SEYSSO Basic has been equipped with 3 work programs:

CLEAN – perfect for everyday oral hygiene. In this mode, the brush makes up to 82,000 sonic vibrations per minute ,

SOFT – especially recommended for people with hypersensitivity, bleeding gums or periodontitis. In this mode the brush moves slightly slower, achieving 62,000 sonic vibrations per minute

GINGIVAL MASSAGE -?? It massages the gums and increases their blood supply. This helps to achieve healthier gums. It also provides gentle cleaning of the teeth.

Dynamic Cleaning Technology (DCT)

is an advanced technology of dynamic cleaning of teeth, allowing for effective and gentle cleaning of the mouth, even in hard-to-reach places. It bases its operation on a combination of sweep movements with high amplitude and frequency with a wide range of fiber movement, using the phenomenon of cavitation. The resulting mixture of microbubbles reaches all even hard-to-reach parts of the mouth, preventing tooth decay and inflammation of the gums. Let this modern technology also take care of your teeth.


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