For Dentists

DEntal PRoducts Do not need to Cost a Fortune!

At Cheap Dentist Dental Supplies we believe that dental materials shouldn’t cost as much as they are. We found ourselves in very difficult times which affected every part of our economy.

We encourage every dental practice to send us the list of materials you use for example quote. Our prices in some cases are up to 60% lower than competitors. How come we can offer such competitive prices? All our products are sourced from dental manufacturers at discounted wholesale prices. On top of it, we do not charge any VAT so we can offer the lowerst price guarantee on most of dental products and materials that are used in everyday dental practice.

All products are sent the next working day by UPS Courier and delivered within 4-6 working days.

We are proud to offer the best possible price on teeth whitening products, dental composites, dental bonds , impressions materials, endodontics etc.

Contact us and find our how much you can save on daily spending using our services. We are looking forward to hearing from you.