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We will pick up few dentists in your area. We will contact them to discuss your needs in order to get the best quote possible


We will contact NHS contracted dentist in your area. You’ll receive a written treatment plan, so we can advice on it.

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We can organize Payment Plan that suit your needs.Let us know your required budget so we can arrange the affordable installments.

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How it Works?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.


Our keenest goal is to help you through sometimes complicated & overwhelming treatment, which dental treatments can be. At Cheap Dentist, we are aware of fears & doubts you might have. The financial part of the treatment always plays a crucial role. Over 15 years in dental industry gives us an exceptional experience to manage both patients and treating dentists. We are proud to provide a new quality of patient management for better treatments and healthier smiles.


Depending on the money you’re investing in your smile, you might be offered different solutions or treatments.  Particular advantages & outcomes will define the choices that the dentist offers to you. Every dental case is different, and requires an individual approach. We fully understand the importance of your dental health. Hence, we strive to manage all of our patients prioritising their dental requirements.


We strive to help YOU make the best choice. Cheap Dentist’s team of dedicated patient coordinators will guide you through the entire process of your dental treatment. To start your journey, you have to make the first step and get in touch with us. Direct contact with our patient coordinator will assure you that you made the right decision. To arrange an appointment, use our online booking system to choose your preferred date & time for our patient coordinator to phone you. Click here to book your call. 


Cheap Dentist patient coordinator will have a friendly chat with you. We will ask you about your dental & medical history. We want to hear what bothers you most regarding your teeth, and what would you like to change in order to optimize your teeth & smile. If you have x-rays & dental file with a previous dentist, please have it to hand, as it will make the quotation process easier. You can send your file, via this website link, prior to the chat with the patient coordinator. Click here to send your file. 


Depending on the complexity & urgency of your dental needs, we will contact our approved associate dentists local to your area where you live. We will discuss with them your dental needs, arrange an initial treatment plan, and quote for particular treatments. You can be sure of getting the right price for the appropriate-quality service you’ll receive. We make sure that at every stage of your treatment, you’ll know where you stand, cost-wise. It makes you, and us, feel comfortable, and not to be surprised by unexpected additional costs. 


We will assist you at every stage of your treatment. We will discuss & explain every stage of your treatment plan, giving consideration to the alternative options depending, on your finances. If you are happy & willing to proceed with the suggested treatment, we will book your initial appointment with the dentist who formulated an accepted treatment plan. The main purpose of initial consultation is to meet your dentist and confirm clinically your treatment plan. You can contact us any time you wish. Click here to contact us.


About Us.

Cheap Dentist is an exclusive online referral service which promotes dentists and their services making sure that our patients are getting the best quality at the lowest possible price. We refer our patients to top quality dentists but at the same time not believing that it should cost a fortune. Our aim is to promote dentistry to the general public that everybody can afford. We collaborate with hygienists, dentists and dental specialists covering all aspects of dentistry including implants, dental crowns, dentures, bridges, filling, scale and polish, whitening, root canal treatment, extractions and orthodontics etc. Book Online your Free No Obligation appointment and let us lower your dental fees instantly.


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Affordable Dental Care as it should be.
Affordable Dental Care as it should be.

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Cheap Dentist accepting Medical Card now!
Cheap Dentist accepting Medical Card now!

We are happy to inform that our Cheap Dentist Phibsboro clinic accept Medical Card holders. For eligible patient Medical Card covers: Free one Examination per calendar year; Free two Fillings per cal…

Cheap Dentist Consultancy PressDots
Cheap Dentist Consultancy PressDots

Cheap Dentist Consultancy has established cooperation with the market leader in teeth whitening PressDots. From this current date, Cheap Dentist will offer to its clientele supreme whitening teeth tra…


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