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FEw words about Toothbrushes

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The single most important plaque control method for cleaning the flat surfaces of the teeth is toothbrushing. The precise technique and choice of toothbrush is less important than the result, which is that plaque is removed regularly and effectively without causing damage to the teeth and gums.  Two… Read More »FEw words about Toothbrushes

cheap dentist interdental cleaning

Interdental Teeth Cleaning

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Toothbrushing alone is not effective in removing plaque from the proximal or interdental surfaces. In these areas where a normal toothbrush cannot reach, various interdental cleaning aids are available to assist with plaque removal. As with toothbrushing, interdental cleaning should be performed daily.  Like all oral hygiene aids… Read More »Interdental Teeth Cleaning

Types of Teeth Whitening

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Types of teeth whitening treatment There are various types of tooth whitening treatment: In-surgery – In-surgery tooth whitening involves a bleaching solution that is painted onto a patient’s teeth or placed in a custom-fitted tray, which is then pressed onto the tooth arch. Frequently the teeth are subjected… Read More »Types of Teeth Whitening