BLACKWOOD Whitening Toothpaste 75ml [PACK OF 4]

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SPLAT Special BLACKWOOD Black whitening paste BLACKWOOD 75ml
SPLAT Special BLACKWOOD is a black paste designed especially for those who want to keep their breath fresh for a long time and obtain the effect of naturally white and healthy teeth. This high-quality paste also has a long-lasting antibacterial effect.

A large number of active ingredients ensures the effective operation of the paste. Juniper berry extract and a complex of other active ingredients provide protection against bacteria and plaque, while the highly effective antiseptic Biosol ?? prevents bacterial growth and cares for gum health.

Black Toothpaste Blackwood

Features of SPLAT Special BLACKWOOD paste:
Contains carbon from Karelian birch, which absorbs odors, absorbs pollution and is responsible for the unique black color of the paste
The paste safely and effectively whitens teeth, inhibits bacterial growth and maintains fresh breath, effectively protects against plaque and normalizes saliva pH.
The paste does not contain fluoride

Contains juniper extract and BIOSOL antiseptic, which inhibit bacterial growth
Contains PLASDONE polymers that prevent tartar formation
Clinical studies confirm:
Cleaning effect - 97.3%.
Anti-inflammatory effect - 93.8%.
Hemostatic effect - 70.6%
Whitening effect - 50%


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