Cheap Dentist Sunday Independent

Kirsty Blake Knox from the Sunday Independent was visiting Bydgoszcz(Poland), where our state of the art clinics are located. Since then Cheap Dentist is proud to serve our patients in the clinics across Poland: Krakow and Gdansk. All of these cities are served on regular basis with Ryanair flights which take approximately 2 hours.

Our Cheap Dentist representative Adam, who flies to Poland with our patients once a month, spoke with Kristy Blake Knox who represents the Sunday Independent. Kristy recently flew to Bydgoszcz and Adam gave her a guided tour of the city and our state of the art dental clinics. Kristy wrote:

On the minibus, our guide Adam told us he’s involved with; a discount site that specialises in dental tourism. I was fairly unfamiliar with the concept and asked Adam to clarify. You fly to Poland for a nice holiday, and you come back with some new teeth.”